FaceBook Ad Targeting provides options and is an outstanding tool to determine who and where your message is being delivered to. There are many targeting options, including everything from demographics to behavior and lifestyle. Targeting is required for every ad, and choosing the right options gets your ad in front of your ideal customers.

The first step to creating an effective FaceBook Campaign is understanding exactly who your market is, and understanding what comparable and similar interests your customers may have.

Detailed Targeting

FaceBook targeting is based off of the Boolean programming language, which means you have the option to either allow or disallow different options. Within the detailed targeting section, you can add restrictions to either include or exclude FaceBook users based on Demographics, Interests, or Behaviors. For example, for Location Targeting you can choose to include specific areas as well as exclude specific areas. Including more cities or general areas will increase the possible reach of your business. If you are a business who only services a specific city or region, in most cases you should only select those areas.


Demographics targeting is the epicenter of Facebook ad targeting, as it allows advertisers to define who an audience is. Every Facebook advertiser, outside of those using the Facebook Pixel to create custom audiences, should use a variation of demographics targeting in conjunction with other targeting options.

Demographics that can be targeted with Facebook ads are:

✅ Age – Target users within a specific age range or by generation.

✅ Language – Choose the language your target audience speaks.

✅ Gender – Male, female, or all.

✅ Relationship – Gender user is interested in and relationship status.

✅ Education – Education level, field of study, school attended, etc.

✅ Work – Industry, job title, employer, and office type.

✅ Location – Everyone in a specific location, people who have recently been to a specific location, or people traveling in a specific location.


Targeting your audience based on a specific type of interest can be beneficial if your ad and business is focused on a specific industry or product. Facebook targeting by interests hones in on an audience by comparing your targeting selection to things they like, such as sports and hobbies. Interest targeting allows advertisers to show their ads to those who would likely be within their ideal audience. Most businesses will want to include interest targeting in their Facebook ads because it better qualifies audiences, driving Facebook advertising success.

Facebook interests advertisers can target are:

✅ Business & Industry – Design, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc.

✅ Entertainment – Movies, Music, TV, etc.

✅ Family & Relationships – Family, Parenthood, Dating, etc.

✅ Fitness & Wellness – Bodybuilding, Dieting, Nutrition, Running, Yoga, etc.

✅ Food & Drinks – Alcoholic Beverages, Cooking, Food, Restaurants, etc.

✅ Hobbies & Activities – Arts & Events, Current Events, Pets, Politics, Travel, etc.

✅ Fashion & Design – Beauty, Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Shopping, etc.

✅ Sports & Outdoors – Outdoor Recreation, Sports, etc.

✅ Technology – Computers, Consumer Electronics, etc.

Life Events

Businesses with event-based products and services, as well as those offering event-based promotions, are a great fit for targeting life events because they reach your audience at the time when they most need your product or services. Targeting life events is a really unique opportunity for businesses to advertise at exactly the right moment.

Life events Facebook advertisers can target are:

✅ Birthdays – Upcoming or Recent Birthdays

✅ Relationships – Anniversary, Engagement, Marriage, etc.

✅ Family – Expecting a Baby, New Pet, Loss of a Loved One, etc.

✅ Professional – Started School, Recent Graduate, New Job, etc.

✅ Home & Living – Recently Moved, New Home Purchase, etc.

Lifestyle & Financial

Lifestyle and financial targeting is a particularly useful targeting option for businesses in the luxury sector, offering high-end products or services because it can help pre-qualify users, rather than showing ads to people who may be interested but lack the ability to afford your product or service.

Lifestyle and financial targeting options on Facebook include:

✅ Income – Target an annual income range.

✅ Net Worth – Liquid Assets and Total Net Worth.

✅ Travel – Frequent Travelers, Business Travelers, Commuters, Cruisers, etc.

✅ Seasonal & Events – Baseball, College Football, Professional Football, etc.

✅ Expats – Users who live outside their home country.

✅ Residential Profiles – Length of Residence, New Mover, Recent Home Buyer, etc.


Connections targeting lets advertisers target ads to people who may have not heard of you, but are friends of those who have, you are reaching people who will likely be interested in your business. Connections targeting is particularly useful for advertising events such as concerts to services such as dance classes.

The different ways to use connections targeting are:

✅ Facebook Page Visitors – Include or exclude those who have visited or liked your page.

✅ App Users – Include or exclude app users, or target friends of your app users.

✅ Events – Include or exclude people attending your event or people who are friends of those who are going to your event.

Retarget Ads

Facebook retargeting lets advertisers direct ads to warm audiences or those who already know of your business through recent website visits, to those who have watched previous videos of your product on Facebook. Businesses who have the time and expertise to run retargeting ads strategically should take advantage of them. Retargeting proves to be a very effective way of building customer bases, as warm audiences are more likely to convert than cold audiences.

Ways to use retargeting ads on Facebook:

✅ Site Visitors – Users who have been on your site.

✅ Email Lists – Retarget using existing email lists.

✅ Phone Numbers – Retarget using your contacts’ phone numbers.

✅ Facebook User IDs – Retarget using Facebook User IDs.

✅ Video Views – Retarget ads to users who have viewed a percentage of your video.

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