A digital strategy is often characterized as an internet based version of an overall business strategy. Mission To Market creates digital strategies that are created and implemented to attract and manage customers. Formulation includes the process of specifying your organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and then to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to drive maximum attention.

These initiatives can range from customer intelligence, collaboration, new product/market exploration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social media, lead generation, content creation and management, site and search engine optimization and advertising.

Part of Mission To Market’s charter is to identify key opportunities and challenges within a business and to create solutions and opportunities. By identifying unmet goals, we can develop a vision and set of goals and initiatives to create forward reaching business outcomes.

“A great digital strategy provides direction, enabling executives to lead digital initiatives,

gauge their progress, and then redirect those efforts as needed.”

MIT Sloan Management Review

Identifying The Customer

Understanding your audience by identifying personas and developing customer avatars is an essential part of delivering products, services and messaging. Statistical data and analytics can be very powerful tools in getting to know your audience as a whole, but really knowing your customers creates opportunities to refine and micro-target your messaging to specific groups of individuals. When you target “everyone” you attract no one.

Iterative Design

Mission To Market brings a wide variety of creative, business development, marketing and technical experience to the development of their digital strategies. We believe in utilizing an iterative approach to website and strategy design. Instead of working for months or even years on building and perfecting detailed long-term initiatives, we use the iterative approach of design-build-test-measure-optimize and scale. This approach is highly collaborative and ensures that our websites, applications, marketing, advertising, SEO, GMB, content and digital strategies are tested and proven during the development process.

The Human Factor

Human factors such as knowledge, skill sets and attitudes have a great deal to do with the success of any business and its digital strategy. Mission To Market works very closely with stakeholders to ensure that strategies are designed for the end user and systems are tailored to those that will be utilizing them on a daily basis. From paid ads to lead funnels to CRM’s to Lead nurturing and management, Mission To Market considers the entire business and customer lifecycle. We design strategies to monitor, measure and deliver detailed analytics and usable data to drive real world business results. Let’s us know if you have any questions!

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