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If you’ve noticed that almost every post on Facebook is now video, you wouldn’t be wrong and you’re certainly not imagining it, Facebook, among other social networks such as the Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter have all taken huge steps forward to dominate in this space in the past year alone.

In fact, did you know that 80% of the world’s internet traffic is video and viewers are 85% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.  Additionally conversion rates on landing pages that feature video increase by upwards of 80%!

🤔 Think about the myriad of infomercials. They’re on air because they make millions of dollars. And when you apply a similar format online, you can achieve a similar result, without a TV advertising budget required to get started.

Creating a video script that converts – Key Initial Steps

✅ What are your prospects struggling with?

✅ What pain does your product or service solve?

✅ Highlight current struggles being faced

✅ First sentence of script in the form of a question

The first thing you want to do is explain the problem that your product or service is trying to solve for your customers or prospects.

Then, identify the pain that your product aims to solve.

Follow this by highlighting the current struggles that they’re facing within the very first sentence of your script in the form of a question. Now, this question sets the entire framework for the rest of the script and it immediately grabs their attention.

This can then be followed up by asking two other key questions around the core challenge they’re facing.

So now you have three questions.  But why three questions in total?  Well, it’s the rule of three – it’s more psychologically pleasing to the brain, and you have three distinct opportunities that you can address the core challenge that you’re trying to solve with your product or service. This is crucial for the setup for the rest of your script step, which aims to validate the immediate need of your product or service here.

Build the need with your customer to take action now for your product or service by illustrating:

How your product make a difference in their life

✅ Why it’s crucial for them to address and solve their problem now

Why is it absolutely crucial for your customer to take action to solve their current problem?

After asking, three key questions, you then segue into briefly, introducing who you are, why you’re credible and precisely why you developed your product or service.  All of this is within the context of the first question.

Now that you’ve got their attention, the next step is to present your product or service in a manner to create a sense of urgency motivating your customer to take action now. The notion is reiterate the link between your product and service with a solution to an urgent need. It’s important to be specific and detail outcomes that the purchase of your product or service will provide.

While using specific language to help induce the sale, offer a direct call to action and a clear way to purchase. This is where you direct them to a link, a sign up button, or a purchase now button on your landing page.

Everything about this script should make the purchase sound easy. For Part 2 we will go over some of items on the landing page.

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